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Taking care of your own payroll tasks in-house may seem like the best solution to make sure that you have control of the payroll process, but there are many challenges that come along with this decision. Some of the biggest payroll challenges may be significant enough to convince you of the benefits of outsourcing your payroll tasks for convenience, savings and accuracy. Challenge #1: Processing payroll takes time away from other business tasks. Payroll processing is a time-consuming task, and... Read More
Every year the IRS sends millions of letters and notices to taxpayers for a variety of reasons. To ensure that you properly address your notice, we have listed below (with the help of the IRS) seven tips for you to read.   For more information about IRS notices and bills, visit or see Publication 594, The IRS Collection Process.   7 Simple (And Helpful) Tips Should You Receive An IRS Notice In The Mail.   Tip #1: Don't Panic - Many of these letters only require... Read More
If you employ more than a handful of workers, you know how difficult it can be to manage them. You have to know your employees' schedules, when to pay them, and how to withhold taxes, but that's just for starters. Completing payroll by hand is all but impossible, and while computers have made your job slightly easier, it's still time-consuming. Workforce management software doesn't just provide payroll capabilities — it also offers easy access to HR, time and attendance, and any other workforce-related... Read More
It's easy to be impressed by a new hire with impressive qualifications and a slick resume, but more than 75 percent of new hires end up being duds. Not only do these under-performers cause frustration and annoyance, but they can also end up costing your company a small fortune. Although estimates of the cost of a bad hire vary, even the most conservative figures peg the cost at more than $10,000. Depending on the position of the new hire and the industry your business is in, a bad hire could end up... Read More
For a small business, having a human resources department at all might seem a luxury. But for larger companies, human resources can be an enormous time sink each day, costing your company a lot of money. Consider other industries for a moment. You could go to a company that could build you an entire house, but if all you need is a roof, heading to a roofing specialist would make the most sense. Outsourcing to a company who specializes in HR then seems like a sound solution. Additionally, having an... Read More
Payroll, human resources and time and attendance are three different areas in an organization that can overwhelm a company, but all three of these necessary tasks can be outsourced to another company. What are the benefits of doing so? #1. Save Time By outsourcing the duties listed above, your employees have more time to spend on more important aspects of your business. Payroll, HR and time and attendance are time-consuming jobs, but they aren’t contributing directly to your bottom line. Furthermore,... Read More
When time is money, it's important to make every minute count. Just as your employees rely on you to pay them for their time, you rely on them to show up at their assigned times and work for the entire duration of their shifts. Your employees may be honest, and your record-keeping may be sound, but human error is always a factor, so consider automating your processes. An automatic tracker can account for adjustments in shift and clocking in and out for breaks. Tracking can be as simple as pushing... Read More
Employers as well as employees receive considerable advantages from electronic wage payment plans. One of the simplest and least expensive methods of receiving wages, payroll cards allow employees to get their salaries without paying check-cashing fees or opening bank accounts. Payroll cards have become widely accepted and popular in recent years, and all employees are eligible to participate in the programs even if they do not have accounts at financial institutions. Payroll Cards Employers can... Read More
Regular employee performance reviews are necessary in every field of work. Employers depend on performance reviews to keep track of individual employee productivity and the overall state of employee morale in the workplace. When conducting these reviews, managers often rely on company guidelines and checklists. While these are useful resources, people need to conduct individual research and develop their own interviewing methods. Regular performance reviews also allow employees to clarify their... Read More
Outsourcing payroll to a third party can help employers save time and eliminate the possibility of making payroll errors because of a lack of knowledge or proper training. Choosing a payroll service provider with a reputation for following IRS regulations ensures that a company stays in compliance without having to train an internal employee to handle paycheck calculations and deductions.   Choose and Established Payroll Provider It is important for businesses to choose established payroll... Read More