Human Resources

Designed with efficiency as our priority, this robust human capital management (HCM) platform streamlines and automates HR tasks so you can spend more time focusing on what matters: growing your business and maintaining staff happiness.

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Our outsourced payroll services model has never been simpler to manage and easier to process. Our ultra-exact, intuitive system allows you to monitor payroll in real time while protecting your business from local, state and federal tax inaccuracies.

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Time & Attendance

Manage scheduling at-a-glance and control labor costs in real time from wherever you are. Our single cloud-based database empowers managers, executives and employees to track and time and attendance in an instant.

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Introducing a simple, robust HCM platform that creates more harmony for your business.

Make critical business decisions with accurate and reliable information. A single, cloud-based database provides access to important information at any time, anywhere. From staffing changes to tax and ACA compliance, Pinnacle Workforce Solutions free your managers from minutiae to focus on the big picture.
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  • Cloud-Based

    Your data is stored in a secure, world-class facility and can be accessed by you from any web-based device at any time.

  • Role-Based Security

    Configurable access tiers promote transparency throughout your organization by empowering managers to create instant reports while protecting confidentiality.

  • On-Demand Reporting

    Real-time calculations allow instant access to a suite of standard or unique reports to help you make accurate, informed business decisions.

  • Timekeeping Management

    Simplify schedule creation and manage the complex daily staffing needs while keeping budgets in check.

  • Outsource Payroll

    Let our expertise work for you. We handle check printing, tax filing, ACH transactions, wage garnishments and all other payroll services so you’re free to focus on growing your business.

  • Instant Notifications

    Automated alerts notify you immediately via email or text message so you can prevent minor issues from becoming major problems.

  • Configurable Workflow

    Automate, approve, and monitor human resources processes like vacation requests, performance reviews, onboarding checklists, training videos, and salary changes.

  • Simple User Interface

    A simple, intuitive user interface reduces time spent learning the software and increases time spent using it.

  • Employee Profiles

    Employee information is instantly at your fingertips, enabling the smartest decisions for hiring, training, and supporting your workforce.

Finally, an end-to-end workforce management platform that lets you keep your company’s most important data in one place. Here’s how.

Manage and support your employees from recruitment to retirement. By storing your information in a single cloud-based database, you eliminate the hassle of separate spreadsheets for separate tasks, freeing your HR department and executive staff to focus on recruiting and retaining the best talent for your business.
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